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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We meticulously conduct advanced keyword research, devise SEO content strategy research, and populate your content with relevant keywords that will significantly beat the competition and drive qualified leads your way. Eventually, helping your business to gain substantial returns on investment.

Search Engine Marketing (PPC)

With Search Engine Marketing , you can achieve a greater brand awareness by getting instant visibility to a relevant audience, something that search engine optimization (SEO) might take months to achieve. If you’re looking for a strategy that delivers quick results, then PPC is the best digital marketing service for you.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing is one such digital marketing service that is crucial to creating a new customer base, along with building your brand image and credibility. At our digital marketing company, we conduct thorough audience research and create engaging content based on their interests and preferences.

Search Engine Optimization

The intricate process of making your web content searchable is popularly known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Pixelfly Innovations is a top Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore having a battalion of SEO experts, who can unravel the SEO jargon and intelligently carry out both on-page and off-page optimization for your website, keeping cost-effectiveness in mind. We employ new trends and practices by keeping ourselves updated with the best industry practices and rapid changes in search engine technology.

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

PPC campaigns are extremely reasonable and cost-effective, because Google ads are so targeted, that when people click on them, they’re usually ready to buy a product. As per research, PPC visitors are 50% more likely to buy something than visitors who arrive at your site organically. The Google ad specialists at our digital marketing agency will run perfect, tailor-made PPC advertising campaigns for your brand to deliver you with the best results and a staggering ROI. This way we’ll significantly limit your expenditures to gain and convert a large volume of customers.

Social Media Marketing

At our digital marketing company, we decide the best suited social media platforms for your business and carry out extensive research on the tactics adopted by your competitors. Our carefully devised strategies help to drive genuine, organic traffic to your website, thereby generating an active audience engagement and following. We Pixelflies will step into your shoes to help you discover your voice, your words, and speak out loud to the world to carve a uniquely distinct social media identity for your brand.

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

As per research, around 64% of people prefer to engage or purchase from companies that correspond via email. A top marketing survey suggested that about 85% of businesses consider email marketing as one of the most important digital marketing services. Through email marketing, brands can seamlessly reach substantial numbers of email subscribers who choose to receive regular updates and offers on their products or services that are of interest to them. At our digital marketing agency, we help you reach your target audience by sending highly targeted content quickly, easily, and at minimal costs. We ensure your business gets a good return on investment through our focused and content-rich email marketing services.


Any marketing activity that involves the use of Internet and Digital Media comes under Digital Marketing Services.

In this Digital era most of we humans spend our time online. Due to this most of the customers of every business are found online. Facts strongly show that 88% of customers pre-research their needs & requirements online before making a purchase. It can either online or in-store. Due business needs an strong online presence. Digital Marketing Services helps in building strong customer relationships and digital marketing is the only way to reach out to your customers globally and hit the right target audience. As a Digital Marketing agency in Bangalore with a huge experience of serving various clients across the globe we can give out astonishing results to boost your business.

In the today’s scenario, there are a ton of digital marketing agency in Bangalore but only a few are thriving and that has the capability to provide results for your business. The Digital Marketing Agency that develops trust with case studies, testimonials, and endorsements are the most trusted ones. Since The Pixelfly which is a digital marketing agency in serves all at its best one can blindly choose us as their marketing partner for their digital needs.

We at Pixelfly Innovations, a digital marketing agency in Bangalore believe that strategy should be given at most importance while setting any target for a business. Planning your by noting and acknowledging the current data gives a whole new approach towards achieving the desired goals. This data-driven approach will help you to analyze and set an achievable timeline for the set goals. These goals can range from increasing sales, lead generation, or even branding through social media channels. All of these can only be made possible through proper planning and execution of Digital Marketing services.

The results of Digital marketing services can be easily measured.

  • Increase in the Number of visits to your website or leads & their demographic data.
  • An increase in the number of followers of your brand.
  • Increase in customer engagement with your posts and articles.

Facts show that startups usually fail because of not following proper marketing strategies in their initial stages. For a startup business, a strong digital presence is a must and has to be done right from the beginning. This is  considering the fact that startups have to compete with market leaders with millions in their budget allotted for marketing campaigns.

At this stage, companies like The Pixelfly which is a Digital Marketing Company in bangalore can help you achieve greater success in marketing that fits in your budget & adds fuel to your.

As a fully eqquiped digital marketing agency in bangalore we at The Pixelfly provide exceptional content writing and content marketing services to give a very important boost to your digital success

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