Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Kudos to all the brands that have begun to understand that keywords are vital to the success of your business. For those who still haven’t, read along. You offer a mind-blowing product or a service. Coin a catchy brand name, design a cool website with a creative style, layout, and content, and voila you think everything is perfect and complete. But no, this is not enough! It is equally paramount to optimize your website or a blog by incorporating relevant keywords that drive its ranking among the major search engines; thereby, drawing in potential customers looking for services that you offer.

what are keywords?

Keywords are the magical words that will bring traffic to your website, your blog, your social handles, in fact, all your digital content pieces. Google, or any other search engine, has intelligent crawlers in action that rank websites based on keywords. Keywords are prominent indicators of how businesses and their services are being searched; by users all over the world. This intricate process of making your web content searchable is popularly known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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Here, at Pixelfly Innovations, we have a battalion of SEO experts, who can unravel the SEO jargon and intelligently carry out both on-page and off-page optimization for your website, keeping cost-effectiveness in mind. We Pixelflies meticulously conduct advanced keyword research, devise SEO content strategy research, and populate your content with relevant keywords that will significantly beat the competition and drive qualified leads your way. Eventually, helping your business to gain substantial returns on investment. We employ new trends and practices by keeping ourselves updated with the best industry practices and rapid changes in search technology.

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Video SEO

One of the best ways to rank in a search engine is with an optimized video. According to a research, it is 53 times easier to rank a video in Google’s search results than a webpage. Let us help you to take advantage of this great opportunity and make your content reach a massive audience.

Audio SEO

Audio SEO consists of a wide range of optimization practices to make voice searches, podcasts, audio files to be displayed prominently in the search results. Pixelfly is one of the very few Digital Marketing Agencies in Bangalore that offers Audio SEO services.

Semantic SEO

Semantic SEO involves targeting topics, and not keywords, by including semantically related phrases within your content. We are a digital marketing agency that offers premium Semantic SEO services for your business to make it easily discoverable on search engines.

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