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Featuring Eco Jivan

Introducing Eco Jivan

Our long time client, Eco Jivan is a millet-centric, food product brand that aims to help people make healthy lifestyle choices by making their millet-based food products accessible and affordable to all. Their vision is to supply 100% natural, safe, and healthy food products to meet the daily nutritional requirement of every individual. In the long term, they aim to strategically position themselves among the most admired global manufacturers and distributors of millet food products in the world.

Website design & development

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Eco Jivan had a very bad experience with their previous website and web developers and was looking to entirely rebuild their website to align it with their brand identity and place a strong emphasis on the customer experience. The vision was to design a website that accentuated their entire food product line, had a seamless e-commerce integration, and showcased their healthy food products with related blogs and recipes.

OUR SOLUTION: Eco Jivan’s new website design included a major brand reposition. The logo, colors, and food product packaging remained the same, but the overall design, layout, and content were updated to match their fresh new approach for brand repositioning while also keeping in mind to provide a seamless shopping experience for the customers. The main objective was to make the website showcase their passion for healthy food products by incorporating a sleek e-commerce integration, beautiful layout transitions, vibrant illustrations, a brand new mascot, and a strong customer-centric approach throughout the website. 

THE OUTCOME: Keeping Eco Jivan’s vision in mind, we designed and developed a website featuring an intuitively seamless e-commerce integration that allowed prospective customers to explore their millet-based food products, recipes, blogs, social media updates, and also read reviews & testimonials from existing customers. We made sure the new Eco Jivan website felt smooth, dynamic, fun, and as fresh & healthy as their food products. From ensuring the page weight is kept low for faster browsing to updating the overall build for a better mobile and tablet experience, The Pixelfly team worked hard to ensure the site is responsive and fast. Hence, the customer-centric interface along with a clutter-free shopping experience helped them gain a massive customer following right from the first month. We’re continually working on their branding project alongside social media marketing and search engine optimization.

Social media management

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Eco Jivan approached us to help boost their visibility on social media. The challenge in their case was the fact that there wasn’t much room for error. Generally, food product businesses have razor-thin profit margins, which means that every dime they invest in marketing needs to have a strong ROI. In addition to that, most of their target customers had never heard of the Eco Jivan brand and were located within a short distance from the store of their choice where they could find similar food products from competitors.

OUR SOLUTION: We started off by testing a variety of different ad creatives, targeting segments, and placements. This helped us find the best combinations that delivered the most visibility for Eco Jivan in terms of their social media fan base. Once the fan base was established, we started growing the engagement rates of posts. The strategy we used to get in front of new customers was behavioral targeting. We implemented the geographic targeting of ads with perfect audience targeting and micro promotions. On social media platforms, because of the rate at which content is consumed, images and content become stale faster than they do on other channels, so we posted fresh images and content frequently at properly scheduled timings.

THE OUTCOME: Right in the first month, we drove close to 50,000 people to Eco Jivan’s social media pages with our micro promotion campaigns. We also doubled their Facebook and Instagram reach and achieved massive brand awareness. Their post engagement was boosted by 500%. Just one coupon campaign drove more than 60,000 people in the second month. We’re continually working on their social media marketing every month to keep boosting their brand and achieve a great conversion streak.

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