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Featuring Aquatec Plus

Introducing Aquatec Plus

Our loyal client, Aquatec Plus is today one of the leading suppliers of water purifiers in India. Their core competence lies in optimizing drinking water technology and aiming for its perfection. Their vision is to offer their customers with sustainable drinking water solutions and become a popular household name for purity. They aim to offer the best possible drinking water experience and alleviate the benchmark for water safety standards. They are a trusted water purifier brand that is shaping countless lives everyday to provide India with a brighter and sustainable future.

Website design & development

PROJECT OVERVIEW: For a number of years, Aquatec Plus had the worst experiences with their previous websites and web developers and were looking to entirely rebuild their website to align it with their brand identity and place a strong emphasis on creative branding along with a seamless e-commerce shopping experience. The vision was to design and develop an e-commerce website that accentuated their water purifiers and its spares, served a seamless shopping experience, and highlighted their state-of-the-art water purification technology. With The Pixelfly’s years of experience and reputation for building e-commerce websites and marketing solutions for FMCG companies, Aquatec Plus turned to Pixelfly Innovations to elevate their online presence and build a fast, reliable e-commerce website that acts as a brand expansion catalyst hence increasing their sales and revenue generation correspondingly.

OUR SOLUTION: Before beginning the website design process, we needed to take a step back and get a clear picture of whom the website would be for and what would be the best user experience for them. Aquatec’s new website design included a major brand reposition. The logo and product packaging remained the same, but the overall design theme, colors, layout, and content were freshly created to match their new approach for brand repositioning while also keeping in mind to provide a seamless app-like shopping experience for their customers. The main objective was to bring a sense of trust to their customers by incorporating a sleek e-commerce integration, beautiful layout transitions, vibrant illustrations, and placing strong focus on a customer-centric shopping experience.

THE OUTCOME: Finally, keeping Aquatec’s goals and objectives in mind, our team worked hard to create a website that promoted their brand, engaged users in an intuitive way, provided a seamless e-commerce integration and allowed prospective customers to explore their water purifiers & spares. We made sure the new Aquatec Plus website felt smooth, dynamic, fun, and as pure, refreshing & reliable as water purification solutions. From ensuring a lower page weight for quicker browsing to updating the overall build for a better mobile and tablet experience, our Pixelfly team worked hard to ensure the site and its pages are responsive and load fast. Together, Pixelfly team and Aquatec Plus developed a website strategy that would bring Aquatec’s online presence above and beyond their competition Hence, the customer-centric, creative interface along with a clutter-free shopping experience helped them gain a massive customer following along with a staggering ROI that has shown no signs of ever stopping again.

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